Song Of The Week: Toddla T – “Beast” ft. Andrea Martin & Stefflon Don

Toddla T is now the proud father of our Song of the Week title, with “Beast,” thanks to a little help from Andrea Martin and Stefflon Don.

In a week of, to be honest, shit releases, this song stands head and shoulders above the rest!

You may recognise Toddla’s name from many of his songs, but he is also BBC Radio 1’s, Annie Mac’s partner – fun fact there. While, Martin is known for writing hits for artists, such as; Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke and Toni Braxton, Stefflon Don is a rising (and extremely talented) rapper from the U.K.

The track opens kind of dreamy with Martin singing half lines before the club ready track kicks in. What’s great here is that the production almost completely cuts out for the chorus which tricks the brain, as we are used to explosive choruses.

Martin sounds great on this track, in fact, her vocals are very Michael Jackson-esque, but her tones sound perfect. However, Stefflon Don completely steals the show here. Both only have a verse to put across what they have and she completely kills it.

Her flow is superstar level and her presence is even greater. It reminded me of a Nicki Minaj feature, you always wait for her bit – that’s kind of what you do on this song.

Writing can’t really sum up this short song, it’s a listening experience that leaves its mark.

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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