Tara Carosielli – “I Know You Hate Me” | EP Review

I Know You Hate Me cements Tara Carosielli as one of our favourite new artists of 2017, with her minimalist electro-pop.

Earlier this month, we reviewed EP opener, “Holloway Road,” and we instantly fell in love with this young and new artist that had such a distinct sound.

Well, now she’s gone and dropped a four track EP full of the encompassing sound that makes Carosielli stand out in the very crowded music industry.

I Know You Hate Me is packed full of emotion, talking to Pigeons and Planes she explained; “I wrote it during quite a dark time so whenever I listen back to it I’m flooded with so many different moods and thoughts and emotions, It’s literally like hearing my secrets out loud which has been fucking terrifying. I Know You Hate Me is about being free and wild and vulnerable. It’s about feeling like you’re in love but also getting your feelings hurt.”

Often, meaning in songs is lost – just listen to some of Gaga’s explanations to songs – but here, the emotion and meaning just pour out.

“Lunatic,” for example, talks of looking back at a past relationship and how toxic it was but still staying there, like a “Lunatic; “you said you loved me and never meant it.”

It’s rare for any artist, never mind a newcomer, to be so personal on a project – it took Beyoncé six albums to even slightly let us into her life.

“Holloway Road” still sticks out as the sapphire amongst gems, but this EP delivers us, not only a new obsession but an artist that knows exactly who she is – which can only mean further greatness for the rest of her career!

Check out I Know You Hate Me below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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