Lady Leshurr – “Mode” | EP Review

Lady Leshurr brings her mix of underground grime vibes and her witty sense of humour to her new EP, Mode.

You might recognise Leshurrs name from the viral sensation that was her “Queens Speech 4” which literally blew up, gaining hundreds of millions of views/listens across social network sites – fun fact, it would have reached number two on the UK chart if it was released in the official way.

Well, she’s more than just a one-hit wonder, with a plethora of huge tunes pre and post “QS4,” such as her first mainstream single, “Where Are You Now?” featuring Wiley.

The true highlight of listening to “Mode,” and any Leshurr project, is her smart wit! She’s extremely up to date on pop-culture happenings, things such as including “cash me outside, how bout dah?” within the first 30 seconds on opener “Mode” and on new single, “Juice,” name dropping Bill Bellamy.

This, of course, draws comparisons to Nicki Minaj, as both are black, witty, female rappers with a similar pattern of delivery. But that’s it, they sound different, their genre is miles apart and other than pop-culture references, they’re lyrically in different lanes.

Leshurr is first and foremost a grime artist, something that her more mainstream hits lean less on. But here on the EP, the middle section goes back to her roots with “F My Ex,” “Trust Nobody” and “Y R U Lying?” showing us that she’s more than just a comedic genius.

Final track, “Glucose,” mixes the style of her mainstream hits effortlessly with a more grime production effortlessly and it truly shows how well she can flow!

Highlights here though are her bouncier singles, “Mode” and “Juice,” they just deliver exactly what you want from the Birmingham rapper – even if she does take the piss out of people with big foreheads…this journalist is one of those (unfortunate) people.

Check out her brilliant new EP below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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