Tove Styrke – “Say My Name” | Review

Tove Styrke delivers the good – as always – with her brand new single, “Say My Name.”

This week has been pretty poor for great pop releases, but even if it hadn’t, “Say My Name” would stick out for its uniqueness – it literally sounds nothing out right now, but still current.

The great thing about Styrke is that she always changes her sound up, her self-titled debut album had a euro-pop, Robyn-esque vibe, while 2015s Kiddo went for a more straightforward pop approach.

Now she seems to be going in her own lane of left-of-centre pop.

The track contains this simple guitar riff that comes in every now and again, and while it’s only small, it adds an extra layer to a minimalist approached song.

Talk-singing verses can go either way with some artists, but here, mixed with the sang choruses, it sounds great, and Styrke sounds amazing.

Production wise, the pre-chorus races to what you expect to be a banging chorus, however, the pace stays the same which is always interesting in a pop song – and while sometimes it doesn’t work (half of Katy Perry’s “Bon Appétit,” anyone?), here it flows perfectly and helps the song stick out in the crowded pop-sphere.

Safe to say, we’re excited to see what the new era holds in store for Styrke!

Check her new single out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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