Hey Charlie – “Hey” | Review

Hey Charlie are bringing a fun, throwback 90s grunge-pop vibes on their debut single, “Hey.”

Lizz, Sophie and Lauren make up the new, exciting all-female band, and my god, are they a breath of fresh air?! Music is currently filled with dull, lite-tropical pop songs and rock bands losing everything that’s rock about them – so it’s refreshing to see an act come with a sense of identity.

“Hey” is a fun, throw your arms in the air friendship song – if you and your girls need an anthem for all the haters around you, you’ve got it right here!

Lyrically, this is a pop song, a typical girlband (The Saturdays or Little Mix) full throttle pop song.

“Hey, hey/All they do is talk about us/Hey, hey/All they want is a piece of what we’ve got, cause we’re still young/They can’t stop us having fun

Their sound is an irresistible mix of pop like singalong chorus structures and 90s grunge we grew to expect from Nirvana and Hole.

‘Excited’ isn’t even the word to describe how much we’re looking forward to hearing more from the band!

Check out “Hey” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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