VÉRITÉ – “Bout You” | Review

Vérité keeps up her track record of releasing fabulous tracks with her new single, “Bout You.”

If you’ve read some of our stuff before, you’ll know that we fucking adore Vérité. “Phase Me Out” is easily one of the best songs of this year, and follow-up, “When You’re Gone” showed a more alternative-indie side to the more pop-leaning artist.

“Bout You” isn’t instantly as ‘OH MY FUCKING GOD, HOW FANTASTIC IS THIS?!’, but give it one more listen, I dare you!

The irregular structure is a slightly confusing to get your head round on first listen, but, literally, on the second listen it all makes sense!

Her flawlessly pitched vocals grace the haunting beat before being slightly distorted for the second verse while the production goes a bit electronic-rock while still being pop at the core.

Vérité knows how to make a track that draws you in through the lyrics, production and vocals – that separately are amazing, but together they are truly mesmerising!

Check out her new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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