What We Need From Iggy Azalea’s “Switch”


Iggy Azalea is struggling to gain the momentum she used to have with this comeback, but there are a few things her new single, “Switch,” could do to get her back on that path.

If you haven’t heard, Azalea’s previous single, “MO Bounce,” flopped extremely hard, and to be honest, the chorus was just a total mess.

Although, she, refreshingly, discussed the ‘flop’ of the track on twitter…

So, it turns out “MO” wasn’t her comeback single, more of a ‘get my name back on the scene’…that’s what she’s telling us.

Here are a few things the “Switch” could do we having to grasp everyone’s attention:

  • WE NEED A CHORUS!!! – “MO Bounce” had one of the worst choruses I’ve ever heard. This woman (along with Charli XCX) made one of the catchiest singles on 2014 with “Fancy,” we know she can create an earworm – and to be honest, that’s what she needs!
  • DONT COPY “FANCY” – While we need an earworm, it can’t just copy the hit that made her. “Beg For It” was great, but some felt it lay too close to “Fancy.”
  • CURRENT BUT NOT GENERIC – Judging by the sound so far, Azalea isn’t following current musical trends, which is great, but there’s always the worry that a comeback artist will lean on trends to gain attention from the masses (e.g. Gaga’s “The Cure”). Give me a “Goddess,” because that single still gives me life!
  • CLASSIC IGGY – We need classic Azalea to be on the track, the rapid-fire rapping, personal lyrics and most importantly, the fun-factor. HOWEVER, like the “Fancy” point, it can’t seem like a rehash of what she’s already done.

We all know she has the talent, I mean, at one point she was close to knocking Nicki Minaj off her rap queen pedestal.

C’mon now Iggy, give us the goods!

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