Calvin Harris – “Rollin” ft. Future & Khalid

Calvin Harris is still doing that ‘I’m more than just an average producer’ thing on “Rollin,” this time he has help from Future and Khalid.

The last couple of Harris releases haven’t really stuck the cord his former, more chart-friendly hits used to – to be honest, that’s because they’re just not as good.

Still looking forward to his Katy Perry hook up on his upcoming album though!

What used to make a Harris track great was that it would grab your attention and make you listen (and usually move) to it, even if they did become repetitive, but his newer songs just don’t really do much.

It goes through the motions without ever really landing a killer line or moment.

I totally respect him for going the more authentic route, and he should be respected for it – but that doesn’t stop his music from feeling like a total bore!

Oh, and the featuring artists don’t even make a mark, they could be changed with any other male and you wouldn’t even notice.

Sorry Calvin, maybe some of the album tracks might give us the fire we need.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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