Paramore – “After Laughter” | Album Review

So, if you’ve read one of our Paramore reviews – or you know, just listened to one of their new singles in general – you’ll know that this isn’t the Paramore we’ve grown to love – but After Laughter proves that a sonic change isn’t always a bad thing!

If you’re going to the band for another “Misery Business” or even “Still Into You,” this is the wrong album for you! If you’re into indie, radio-friendly tunes then you’ll have the time of your life listening to this electric-indie bag of goodies.

After Laughter kicks straight out the gate with three (two already released) of the strongest tracks on the album, lead single “Hard Times,” “Rose-Colored Boy” and “Told You So.” The tracks just make you want to move, and after one listen you’ll have the chorus jammed in your head.

While “Hard Times” and “Told You So” may have left a bitter taste in your mouth on first listen, back on their release, due to the distinct change in sound, on the album they sound perfect and also set the tone for the rest of the 12-track album.

“Fake Happy” is a track that had me disappointed on one hand and begging for more in the other. The track starts out with acoustic vibes before quickly switching to the electric-indie tones that the album runs on. The lyrics on the track would have emoted so much more (than they already do) if they were heard in front an acoustic guitar – which is where the disappointment came in – but it’s hard not to love a song where the lyrics just grab you.

Oh please, don’t ask me how I’ve been, don’t make me play pretend/Oh what’s the use/Oh please, I bet everyone here is fake happy too

…something we can all relate to.

However, the album does become slightly repetitive in the second half, tracks like “Pool,” “Grudges,” and “Caught In The Middle” are still good songs, they just don’t pack the punch that the first half did.

In fact, there is only one bad song on the album, and that’s “No Friend.” The song is an instrumental and comes across as more an interlude that would have had more impact as track seven than track eleven.

Paramore might not sound like the same band anymore, but they’ve (finally) won me over with their new sound, what about you? Listen to the album below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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