Danny L Harle – “1UL” | Review

Danny L Harle has literally slayed all the other dance tracks released this week with the irresistible “1UL.”

Harle is an educated man, he knows music very well, having studied classical at university and having worked in the jazz genre, but something tells me that his 90s vibe pop hits are the sound that’s going to take him to superstardom.

“1UL” starts out like any other DJ song right now, with its tropical influences, but the track quickly races into a thumping, 90s tropical house style jam that might just blow your socks off.

Over the electric breakdown in the chorus, that takes you straight to a rave, the vocal is kept, something that’s becoming rarer and rarer in electronic music – and pop music in general – so it’s nice to hear for once.

Songs nowadays play it very close to home and don’t try to experiment with different sounds and end up sounding generic, so when an artist like Harle takes the risks to use different sound, it really pays off and leaves you remembering the song that sounds like nothing else right now!

Check out “1UL” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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