Kat Dahlia – “Friday Night Majic” | Review

Kat Dahlia is back and sounds refreshed and polished on her brand new single, “Friday Night Majic.”

You may know Dahlia from her 2015 debut, My Garden, which was a wonderful listen and showed us a few sides of the artist that released her debut single, “Gangsta,” two ears prior.

“Friday Night Majic” (spelt with a ‘J’ cause cool and shit) is…well, a Friday night jam which you can picture yourself getting ready to before ‘the sesh’.

The track has a throwback vibe, which adds warmth to a production that is pitchy and tin-y in parts (in a good way) but has enough of a modern sound to catch today’s general listeners ear and make them pay attention.

A slight negative of the track only becomes apparent if you’ve listened to Dahlia’s older music – her throaty vocal has seemingly disappeared.

I’m not going to sit here and call out auto-tune because many artists have the ability to change their voice to suit different styles – a la Lady Gaga – but compared to some tracks from her debut, it literally doesn’t sound like the same person!

Check out “Friday Night Majic” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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