TLC Perform on British Primetime TV

TLC have finally brought their final era to British shores by performing on British TV show, Tonight At The London Palladium.

TLC are legends, there’s no denying that, but tonight they didn’t bring the power they once had.

Opening with their classic, “No Scrubs,” they brought back the 90s vibe to the crowd’s joy as they sang along. Chilli absolutely killed the love vocals, well-done girl.

However, when they burst into their new single, “Way Back,” things derailed. Miming strikes again, back in the day it used to be expected, but now there is definitely a shame to lip-syncing – unless you’re a drag queen.

It wasn’t just the vocals (or lack of) that ruined the performance, their dancing (T-Boz’s tbh) felt stiff and awkward.

It wasn’t the worst performance ever, by a long stretch, but it didn’t pack the punch we all wanted.

We’re still (overly) excited for their self-titled album coming in June!

Check out (part) of their performance (full will come soon) below and let us know what you think!

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