Liam Payne – “Strip That Down” ft. Quavo | Review

The urban flavours debut solo single from Liam Payne comes across uncomfortable and slightly awkward – oh, her used to be in 1D, don’t you know!

So it’s official, all the 1D boys are now soloists. In three cases, this has proved great, but for two of them…why did they bother?

“Strip That Down” sounds like a debut single that you’d expect from a brand new artist who is being told what to do by their label, not authentic to them.

And that’s part of the trouble, with Zayn, Harry and Niall it was kinda obvious what direction (pun intended) they were going to go in, it seemed almost written in stone years ago – but with Liam and Louis, it never really stood out.

A few times throughout the track Liam kindly reminds us that “used to be in 1D” and that now he’s “free” – 1D shade maybe? – but other than that annoying lyric, there’s no substance to the track.

Another annoyance is that in the pre-chorus he states that “when I walk into the party, all the girls on me” – bitch! Didn’t you just have a baby with a woman you’ve (maybe mistakenly) called his wife?!

Quavo‘s verse just comes and goes, in fact, I listened to this song four times in a row and missed their verse – leading to two conclusions, their verse doesn’t draw you in ’cause its shit, or that by the time you reach them you’re day-dreaming because the song, in general, is a bit shit.

Back to the drawing board, Liam!

Check out the song below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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