Song Of The Week – Katy Perry – “Swish Swish” ft. Nicki Minaj | Review

Katy Perry, with the help of Nicki Minaj, has finally clapped back at pop-snake, Taylor Swift, on the 90s inspired “Swish Swish.”

Pop-feuds are fun, aren’t they? This week brings the reignition of the Perry VS. Swift feud that was lit by Swift back in 2014 with the release of “Bad Blood” which took aim at Perry for apparently stealing one of Swift’s dancers.

Well, that was an example of Swift playing a victim, something she’s done time and time again, and thanks to Kim Kardashian-West, got exposed as a liar over Kanye West‘s “Famous” lyrics!

In true pop-sphere form, a clap-back has arrived, even if it is four years late!

Let’s get one thing straight, on first listen, this song isn’t AMAZING, but give it a few listens (just like “Bon Appétit”) and you’ll be jamming along – if you don’t like Swift, this song is even more enjoyable.

The song brings strong 90s dance vibes, with a crashing beat that drives the song and a Fat-Boy Slim vocal that enters on the chorus. The verses (lyrically we’ll get onto in a second) are solid, but this song fails on its chorus – the breakdown and “swish swish, bish” is really uninspired and quite boring!

A tiger, don’t lose no sleep, don’t need opinions from a shellfish or a sheep/Don’t you come for me, no, not today/You’re calculated, I got your number, ’cause you’re a joker and I’m a courtside killer queen/And you will kiss the ring/You best believe…Your game is tired, you should retire/You’re ’bout cute as an old coupon expired, and karma’s not a liar/She keeps receipts


A lot of these lyrics make sense in context. The inclusion of “sheep” links to a tweet that Perry tweeted around the time of “Bad Blood,” “your game is tired” could (and probably does) link to the fact that Swift’s “game” has been found out, aka. lying and playing the victim.

Pop-feuds just give you life.


Nicki Minaj arrives with two raps split by singing. The first rap doesn’t flow well but does get in a sly dig at Remy Ma but her second rap brings it in flow as well as lyrically!

Don’t be tryna double back, I already despise you/All that fake love you showin’ couldn’t even disguise you

Back in 2015, Minaj tweeted something about the VMA’s and Swift (as always) thought it was aimed at her, and after Minaj clapped back that it wasn’t, Swift started grovelling and the pair eventually performed together at the said event…there you go, you know what Minaj is talking about.

What makes this our Song Of The Week isn’t just it’s greatness (after a few of listens), but the fact it creates a buzz! There is so much packed into this song (and single cover) it makes it an event.

Ruby Rose has already, and wrongly, came to Swift’s defence, but let’s see who else crawls out the woodwork!

Cue the music video!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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