Iggy Azalea – “Switch” ft. Anitta | Review

Iggy Azalea has released her best song in years with “Switch,” but it’s still not enough to reignite the fire she once had.

We’re all down with Azalea’s struggles of late, “Team” didn’t have the effect it was meant to, a year later “MO Bounce” failed to create any impact and now she’s back with the first ‘proper’ single – ’cause “MO” was just a taster apparently.

Let’s start with the positives…

“Switch” is nowhere near as annoying as “MO,” which really isn’t hard, because that chorus was just infuriating!

The production on the verses is promising and sounds like it’s racing towards something explosive, and also give Azalea to give us a flawless flow (as always).

However, the one thing you expect from Azalea (thanks to “Fancy” and “Black Widow”) is a powerful pop chorus that gets stuck in your head for weeks – “Switch” doesn’t bring us that!

It’s frustrating because on the chorus Annita sings, not only are her vocals auto-tuned so they sound more like Azalea than Annita, but Azalea ad-libs all over her – why have a guest singer if you’re not going let her be heard by people?!

Even a sample of her first hit, “Work,” isn’t enough to save the song.

Please, Iggy, just team up with Charli XCX again and give us a proper, Nicki Minaj-circa 2012 style pop-rap hit!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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