Ariana Grande’s Biggest Hits | In Memory Of The Victims

As you will have heard by now, a terrible, cowardly attack at Manchester’s MEN Arena took place last night after an Ariana Grande concert that has killed 22 innocent people and injured at least 59.

This tragic event is made even worse by the fact the attacker chose an event that they knew many children were going to be attending.

Saffie-Rose Roussos is one of those children, at just eight-years-old, this should have been one of the happiest night of her little life – instead, it ended in such horrible circumstances.

All of the people that attended this concert, did so to see their idol, Ariana Grande, and have a night that they’d remember for the rest of their lives!

In honour of the victims, we look back at some of Grande’s biggest hits.

The Way

The hit that kicked off her career, a collab with her now-boo, Mac Miller. While the track is far from the sound we love from the star, it still shows us some of the elements she implements today, the pitched squeals, the power notes and, of course, the hooks that get stuck in your head.


If the way was the song that got her career on the road, “Problem” is the track that pushed her from ‘star’ to ‘mega-star’. The saxophones, the whispers, IGGY’S RAP(!!!), what’s there not to love about one of summer 2014’s biggest tracks?!

Break Free

If you’re going to listen to one of Grande’s dancier tracks, this is the one! With Zedd on the production, this is a dancefloor anthem that’s going to live for years. The track has even appeared as a lip-sync on RuPaul’s Drag Race – so the gays will adopt this song for their own!

Dangerous Woman

Grande’s most controlled single is a belter, that for the first time, puts her vocals as the main event. While the verses don’t add up to much, it’s all about the chorus and the bridge that will have you screaming from the top of your lungs.

Into You

Possibly Grande’s best track – critically. The subtle verses, the amazing beat in the chorus, the restrained yet powerful vocals give you life – literally if you’re on the dancefloor at 3 am.

In the words of Adore Delano, “PARTY!!”

Side By Side

EPIC! A sultry Nicki Minaj featured song is one to get down and dirty too, along with shouting your potty mouth off all over the place. This track took a while to pick up momentum, but once it did, it was unstoppable!

All songs that thousands of fans gathered for tonight.

Our thoughts are with the families and friend of the victims and everyone affected by these terrible attacks!

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