Rachel Crow – “Dime” | Review

Rachel Crow has just released a new empowerment anthem for the 2010s, with her coming of age track, “Dime.”

Crow rose to fame at the tender age of 13 when she auditioned on the U.S version of X Factor and reaching week seven – which is quite an achievement for a 13 -year-old, or any age for that matter.

While she hasn’t disappeared from the limelight completely, dipping her feet in acting, she’s now triumphantly returned with the sassy and catchy, “Dime.”

This song could easily run into ‘cliché’ and become cringy, but the delivery of the lyrics with Crows out of this world vocals and attitude-laden voice save it from such fate.

And that’s really the main draw of the song, along with it’s carefree, fun vibes, it’s her voice. Her powerful vocals are put on show on the chorus and across the bridge, but they never feel forced like some other big-vocal divas, it fitted the song as well as allowing us as a listener to appreciate them.

Another highlight of the track is its pre-chorus where the tone changes and there is a slight effect on the vocals, it becomes much harsher and serious for a second while she sings “Ooh ’cause I’m not just a penny you can pick up off the sidewalk” – perhaps she’s talking directly to the guy/guys this is written about.

With a vocal like Crow’s, I’m pretty sure it won’t be too long till she’s making huge waves over here in the U.K – please make that splash soon!

Check out “Dime” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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