Little Mix – “Power” ft. Stormzy | Review

Little Mix seem to have a little thing going on by releasing tracks with a rapper on that wasn’t featured on their album, this time it’s Stormzy‘s turn on “Power.”

Little Mix are easily the biggest girl band in the world right now with Fifth Harmony on a little break, and Stormzy is also the biggest U.K rapper right now, so it makes sense for Britains biggest to team up – but what are the results like?

Well, to be honest, the joining of the two is kinda pointless.

“Power” was the song on the album that you always liked and looked forward to on a re-listen, but you knew it would never be a single – well, the girls have fucked you up and released it.

The track obviously isn’t really serious with it’s talking of what you’re packing down south, but some of the lyrics here are totally stupid and, quite frankly, annoying.

The production could do without some of the motorbike sounds and “hold up” shouts, but it’s still kinda fun and the girl’s vocals on the pre-chorus and the bridge are impressive as ever.

However, this Stormzy addition seems pointless. His flow doesn’t really flow very well and the lyrics are as non-sensical as the girls.

I guess it’ll add to streaming figures – not that Little Mix need help.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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