Rita Ora – “Your Song” | Review

Rita Ora is finally back with her first single in two years, “Your Song,”¬†following a split from Roc Nation.

It has been five years since Ora’s self-titled debut album…FIVE YEARS!! In the time since there have been false starts – thanks, in part, to Calvin Harris – and due to Ora becoming a star of all things but nothing imparticular, such as America’s Next Top Model.

“Yor Song” is a cute little track written by 2017s biggest star, Ed Sheeran, which you can tell, being one of the wordiest songs Ora has ever released.

Her vocals aren’t spectacular here, but then it’s not a flashy vocal song, her restrained voice perfectly suits the production – although it would be nice to hear a bit of variety over the three minutes.

There is one big problem with this song, the production. When the track starts it seems like it’s going to be a jam, but that same cute production that kicks off on the first verse barely changes over the rest of the track at all.

The chorus or bridge need an extra something to lift this song from ‘cute and good’ to great!

Radio will probably love this, so get used to hearing it!

Check out “Your Song” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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