Halsey – “Strangers” ft. Lauren Jauregui | Review

Halsey and Fifth Harmony‘s Lauren Jauregui have gone and released a huge bisexual sex/heartbreak song called “Strangers.”

Both Halsey and Jauregui are openly bisexual and have been praised for coming out in the tough, but improving, industry.

“Strangers” is a song that talks about a problem that anyone can connect to, whether you’re gay or straight, a relationship based on sex and one side begins to get feelings for the other.

It’s really nice to hear two openly bisexual women singing about a woman, as both usually address feelings towards men – a growing trend, with openly queer artists Wrabel and Troye Sivan singing about same sex relationships and feelings.

The girl’s vocals on the melody don’t really vary over the track, but Jauregui’s slightly raspy vocal adds a nice, different tone to the song.

Production-wise, the track is, again, quite repetitive, with only an extra synth coming in to bump up the chorus but, surprisingly, it works! The track is heart-touching, as well as keeping with Halsey’s trend of big beats songs that you can cry to, or dance to.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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