Grace Mitchell – “Cali God” | Review

Grace Mitchell changes her sound yet again for her new single, “Cali God.”

Is there anything Mitchell can’t turn her hand too? She gave us rocker chick on “Kids” and her previous single, “Now,” she offered us a full force epic pop queen.

“Cali God” goes slightly back to the vibes offered on “Kids,” as far as the aggressive, rockier side, yet it’s mixed with pop elements and a melody straight out of the pop manual which blend to become an attitude-laden break-up song.

Well, I say break-up song – that’s the first way to look at this song, the second is Mitchell singing about California itself? Maybe, I certainly think so.

Her voice on this track is more spoken than sung, but it suits the song perfectly with its angsty-teen vibes.

The harsh tones of the track peak on the bridge where Mitchell’s vocals are modulated to become more robotic – this short section sews the songs rockier tones and more pop elements together perfectly.

We can’t even predict what sound Mitchell will deliver next time, but we can sure say it will be great if her current form is anything to go by.

Check out “Cali God” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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