Kylie Minogue’s Biggest U.K Hits


The Princess of 00s Pop, Kylie Minogue, is 49 today, and in celebration of her long and glittering career, we’re going to have a look at some of Kylie’s biggest hits!

Over here, in the U.K, the Australian singer is practically one of us, having most of her success right here in Blighty – 10.1 million singles sold her alone!!

Aside from the U.K, Minogue has sold 80 million records worldwide and become one of the biggest touring artists in the world!

Having defended the right to block a lesser talent Kylie (Jenner) copyrighting the name ‘Kylie’ just last year, we’re excited to see just what Miss Minogue is going to offer us in her next, and hopefully soon, era.

“I Should Be So Lucky”

Taking us right back to the beginning, and the first of seven number ones from Minogue is the classic, “I Should Be So Lucky.” The track has innocent and playful vibes that draw comparisons to Madonna’s self-titled debut album – not the first time they get compared over their careers.

“Especially For You”

Her second number one and her first million-seller in the U.K, a duet with her former boo, Jason Donovan. The pair had to duet together, both becoming singers after leaving Australian soap, Neighbours, it was just inevitable. Maybe the wedding that the pair had on the show helped people connect with the song further.

“Spinning Around”

There’s a big gap between this and the previous track, Minogue didn’t take a break, it’s just that her hits between aren’t as memorable as what’s to come.

“Spinning Around” pushed the star into new territory, dancey euro-pop – and did it relight her fire, or what?! The track was a staple number on dancefloors up and down the country, and I’m pretty sure everyone born before 2000 knows the lyrics!

“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”

Talking of creating a meg-hit, you don’t get much bigger than this.

Number one in 40 countries including every European country, excluding Finland, 2x platinum in the U.K, eight million copies sold worldwide and the 28th best selling single of the millennium.

Oh, and of course, the classic “la la la” which every mother-tucker knows!


An underappreciated hit, if you can call reaching number one and being the stars favourite song over her 30-year career underappreciated. “Slow” is a minimal synth-pop song that’s slow grooves work perfectly and to this day, still sound modern.

One thing me and the Princess have in common then, it’s both our favourite hit of hers!

“2 Hearts”

After suffering from breast cancer, “2 Hearts” was Minogue’s big return to music.

The track stands out from the rest of her discography due to it’s harsher, rockier tones, something that divided critics at the time. The track was a triumphant return for the Aussie star, peaking at number four on the U.K chart and eventually going Gold.

“All The Lovers”

This track marks Minogue’s last U.K top ten, peaking at number three. This track returns to the poppier side of the star who mixes the minimal vibes of “Slow” with pure-pop themes of “Wow” to create a track that would soon be adopted by the LGBT community, thanks to its video.

But seriously, how was Kylie’s last top ten over seven years ago?! Sort yourselves out U.K.


This hit that never was. Off Minogue’s greatest hits album, K25: Time Capsule, the track goes back to the “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” days with it’s EDM influences and euro-pop feels – HOW WASN’T THIS AT LEAST A TOP 10?!

There you go, some of the unofficial Princess of Pop’s biggest U.K hits – what a trip down memory lane!

We hope the Aussie-babe comes back and snatches weaves with whatever she’s brewing up for us next!

Comment below your favourite Minogue track!

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