Dua Lipa – “Dua Lipa” | Album Review

The long-delayed, self-titled, album from Dua Lipa has finally been released and it’s as great as we all expected.

The former model has been readying this release for a while, the first single, “New Love,” was released nearly two years ago! Although the ‘main’ first single is classed as “Hotter Than Hell,” released May 2016.

The have been a lot of singles released from this album, six, to be exact! “Hotter,” “Be The One,” and “Blow Your Mind” still stand as some of the album’s highlights, along with “New Love,” as cheesy as it is.

There is a problem with releasing so many singles before an album released because you have to imagine that the best songs ARE the singles – so what’s being left on the album?

Well, don’t worry, there are still a few gems here!

“No Goodbyes” is a mid-tempo track where Lipa’s vocals are on full show, along with an epic production that allows the song to truly soar and become, possibly, the best song on the album.

“Thinking ‘Bout You” is an acoustic track that allows you to hear the richness of Lipa’s vocals, “Garden” is another epic track that oozes coolness and “Bad Together” the best bits of all the best songs on the album to be a true jam.

This album isn’t flawless though…

At 17 songs on the Deluxe, it’s not a short album and it could have easily been shaved a little, “Begging,” “Dreams” and “Room For 2” feel more like fillers amongst the greatness of the album.

We may have waited a while for Dua Lipa to finally arrive, but it sure is worth it!

Check out the album below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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