Fifth Harmony – “Down” ft. Gucci Mane | Review

Shit, shit, shit!

When Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony at the end of last year, it’s safe to say the world was hyped to see what the foursome would bring next – we were rooting for them.

Well, Cabello brought it with her new single, “Crying In The Club,” and Fifth Harmony just haven’t – “Down” is one of the most unexciting songs I’ve ever listened to.

“Down” is basically a repackaged “Work From Home,” but a lot worse, and if you can even believe it, the lyrics are shitter – if that was even possible.

We forgave “Home” for its lyrical weaknesses because it was such a bop, but this track just doesn’t bring it in any department.

The production feels like it was done overnight, in the chorus it just doesn’t pack a punch – like, the underwhelming versus pack more of a punch that the bloody chorus.

The only time the production gives us anything, it’s when Gucci Mane enters the track, if anything, he’s the highlight of the track thanks to the change in production.

If there’s ever a time to bring it, it’s when someone leaves your group – girls, you’ve failed.

Check out the terrible “Down” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony – “Down” ft. Gucci Mane | Review

  1. Are you serious? Crying in the club totally failed to validate Camil Cabello’s claims that she has her own sound and wanted to chart new territory – it’s a SIA song sung with Bebe Rexha voice.
    Down is a banger. Yes it’s formulaic, but it’s catchy.


    1. I’m not saying Cabello’s release is the most original thing in the world, but it’s a hell of a lot better and more original than Down. I could have forgiven them if they copied someone else, but they’ve ripped off their own song.


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