Halsey – “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” | Album Review


Halsey massively disappoints with her sophomore album,” Hopeless Fountain Kingdom,” with its weak concept and even weaker songs.

Halsey has been pushing this album for what seems like forever, getting everyone excited to hear what she was going to be plugging since her 2016 smash hit with The Chainsmokers, “Closer” – well, for this music lover, the excitement abruptly ended one song in.

The follow-up to her amazing debut, Badlands, is a concept album about two lovers and their highs and lows throughout their relationship, comparing it to Romeo and Juliet, not that you wouldn’t get it, the opener is extracted from Shakespeare’s story – subtle.

The reason for such disappointment in this album is because my bar was set very high, obviously too high.

The concept is lost from the get go with the drawn out “Prologue,” then first song, “100 Letters” is a cute, but none eventful, “Alone” is a massive miss-fire in the change in genre and “Devil In Me” is soulless synth-pop.

The album isn’t all bad though, The Weekend hook-up, “Eyes Closed” is an electric track that draws you in from the first big beat drop. “Strangers,” featuring Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, is a sultry, massive lesbian song that brings all the best bits off the album into one song.

“Walls Could Talk” is a track that could have come straight from the heydeys of the late nineties/early 00s R&B with its tight production (a bit short though at under two minutes). The only ballad on the album, “Sorry,” allows Halsey’s vocals to soar over the piano and express the emotion to her future lovers – it’s truly a highlight that really connects to the lost concept.

But there are far too many ‘meh’ tracks like the empty and boring album closer, “Hopeless,” and the promising, but eventually messy, “Don’t Play.”

Shoutout to ‘terrible song of the week’, “Lies” featuring Migos’ Quavo. Firstly, the song is shit. Secondly, an openly bisexual woman who stands up for LGBT rights is teaming with a homophobic man…not smart for the image!

All in all, this album is a huge disappointment to this reviewer. That said, if you’re a huge fan of Halsey, you will probably enjoy it, but if you’re not, you’ll just hear mainly soulless synth-pop.

Check out the album below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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