Song Of The Week: Lorde – “Perfect Places” | Review

Lorde has done it again! Her new single, “Perfect Places” celebrates being young, having fun while keeping tied in the theme of her upcoming album, Melodrama, out June 16.

“Green Light” was the number one that never was. It is easily one of the best tracks of the year with its carefree vibes over, which is essentially, a break-up track.

After a few months promoting the single and performing at many awards shows and festivals, Lorde is back pushing the sure to be amazing Melodrama with the official second single, “Perfect Places.”

The track has an undeniable groove to it, in a similar light to “Green Light,” throwback vibes while still sounding modern and unique.

Lorde’s vocals here aren’t spectacular in terms of variation, but what they do is emote the lyrics the way they should be, in more of an anthemic tone – speaking directly to the listener.

What’s really special about this track is it’s meaning, in a Facebook post about her new single, Lore wrote that it’s about everyone searching for something higher. In this track, it’s wrapped around the idea of going out and “getting off our faces.”


It’s the perfect album closer, and I haven’t even heard the album yet.

This concept album of “being alone,” not a break-up album, sounds like it’s going to be fucking amazing!

“What the fuck are perfect places?”

Check the track out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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