Olly Murs – “Unpredictable” ft. Louisa Johnson | Review

X Factor runner-up, Olly Murs, and winner, Louisa Johnson, have joined forces to make a totally mediocre song that you won’t be bothered about listening to ever again.

Murs was the runner-up way back 2009, and ever since he’s clocked up many top tens and four number one albums, bridging the gap between middle-aged woman music and what’s perceived as cool – “You Don’t Know Love” was a bop for all ages.

But now, eight years after his near-win, it looks like the bridge has broken, now he’s fully coming off on the middle-aged woman, mature side of pop – or boring in simple terms.

Johnson’s feature, I’m guessing, was an attempt to make the song a bit cooler and try to give Murs a younger audience – failed!

It’s not that this song is terrible, it’s just boring and something you expect as an album filler at best.

Both artists can do better, so please bring it!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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