VÉRITÉ – “Saint” | Review

One of my favourite sing-songwriters, VÉRITÉ, is back with new track, “Saint,” less than a month before the releases of debut album, Somewhere In Between.

Everytime VÉRITÉ releases a new track she gives us life with her alt-synth-pop realness, like on “Phase Me Out” and “Bout You.”

“Saint,” once again brings similar vibes, but just like on “Bout You,” it has more of an alternative/rock sound than the more pop feels she can give us.

The song captures a force within the production, and on the chorus it just let’s go of the restraints and the power of the song just hits you.

The great thing about VÉRITÉ songs are that they always take you to a different place in your mind – a sign of a great song!

She has truly mastered her sound and if the proceeding singles foreshadow the overall sound of the album, this could possibly be one of the best albums of the year!

Mark June 23 in your diaries, Somewhere In Between will be out worldwide.

Check out “Saint” below and let us know what you think about the track!

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