Azealia Banks – “Chi Chi” | Review

Azealia Banks is finally back with new music, but can “Chi Chi” get her back on the path to super-stardom?

We really don’t need to give Banks an introduction, you know her and you’ll already have an opinion – however, that’s just on (her now calm) social media presence.

Banks has cut the shit recently, she focusing on her brand, selling soaps (named after her tracks) and getting back to what she does best, making great hip-hop.

When you listen to Banks, you’re used to hearing more experimental-hip-hop with pop, dance, underground and trap influenced implemented to name a few, but here, on “Chi Chi,” there is a distinct lack of these sounds that once became synonymous with her music.

Everybody has to change though, and “Chi Chi” put’s Banks’ flow on centre stage – even as a fan of Banks’ music and knowing how good her delivery is, I am impressed by her rapid-fire flow.

Production-wise, this track is a straight up, hard-hitting, hip-hop track that’s usually left to the underground guys!

The term ‘Queen Of Rap’ is thrown around often, usually in Nicki Minaj‘s direction, but taking sales out of this for a second, and placing our money on pure talent – Banks has to be one of the top runners for this crown.

If you’ve never really tuned into Banks’s music before due to her polarising¬†social media presence, go and check it out now – her debut album,¬†Broke With Expensive Taste, is a masterclass in modern hip-hop!

Check out “Chi Chi” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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