DYLN – “Hold” | Review

DYLN is just fantastic, isn’t she? The up-and-coming pop star has killed it again, this time with her rousing new single, “Hold.”

I have been extremely excited to hear how the Brooklyn singer would follow her brilliant debut single, “Better Things,” since we reviewed it back in March – it’s safe to say I’m not disappointed!

The track is very different to her debut, opting for more subdued verses, compared to the synthy, in-your-face beats of “Better Things.”

The subtle verses race towards a rousing pre-chorus, backed by a guitar which lays just over the production – thinking of the guitar riffs like a human breath, it sounds like it’s about to run out of its last breath.

Speaking to The Line Of Best FitDYLN explained; “‘Hold’ is about needing to walk away from torment when the heart gets weary of fighting its battles. The things we love the most are also the things that hurt us the most. There’s beauty in destruction and honour in loving what tears us apart. ‘Hold’ is my expression of this” – perfectly fitting the use of the rousing guitar.


The chorus has a synthy-pop breakdown, which could have easily taken away from the song, instead, it adds to it, tieing in the message of the song and perhaps portraying the confusion of DYLN whilst writing the single.

We’re currently obsessed with DYLN, so please, DYLN, drop an EP real soon!!!

Check out her new single below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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