Boba K – “What She’s Like” | Review

Boba K has released an epic pop track that we didn’t realise we needed in our life – but we totally can’t imagine life without “What She’s Like” now we’ve heard it.

The new artist, born in the Ukraine but living in England, has just had the track premiere on PopJustice and has reacted in the cutest of ways..

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 21.57.11.png

Well, we’re freaking out too, at how good this single is!

As the track starts out with it’s delicate guitar opening, you would be right to think this track is going to be a slightly alternative-pop track, but as the chorus kicks the door down with its pulsing synth beats, there’s no doubt in your mind that this is 100% a pop event!

Rarely does a track like this come from an up-and-coming artist! The chorus packs the punch of a track that’s produced by music’s biggest names.

“What She’s Like” sounds so current and mainstream chart worthy, but at the exact same time it’s completely unique, a formula that will treat Boba K well in the ever tough to crack music industry!

Check out the amazing single over on Popjustice and let us know what you think in the comments!


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