Lorde – “Sober” | Review

We’re one week away from Lorde‘s sophomore album, Melodrama, and she’s gone and dropped another amazing track, this time it’s the slow burner that is, “Sober.”

Melodrama, a concept album, telling the story of a house party and grappling with a breakup and all the feelings that come along with it – it’s safe to say this album is emoting the way she wishes!

“Sober” is a mid-tempo track that implements light electro influences that make for a simple yet unique track – I dare you to try to find a pop song that sounds like this!!

Lyrically, the song discusses the feeling of missing someone, especially when you’re drunk, and according to Lorde, it’s about doing anything to impress someone and the embarrassment you feel the next morning when you’re sober.

But my hips have missed your hips / So, let’s get to know the kicks / Will you sway with me? / Go astray with me?

If this lyric doesn’t resonate with you in any way, you must be heartless, everyone who has been in a relationship would have felt like this at some point during the breakup.

Lorde really is bringing her A-game for Melodrama, it’s sure setting up to be an enchanting and emotional listen.

Check out “Sober” below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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