Scissor Sisters & MNDR – “SWIRLK” | Review

The Scissor Sisters and MDNR team up for “SWIRLK” in support of Contigo Fund, which was established after the 2016 Pulse Nightclub tragedy in Orlando Florida.

We haven’t had any new music from the Scissor Sisters in five years…I’ll let that sink in a little.

Five years is way too long to be without new music from our favourite band that deliver pop hit after pop hit!

“SWIRLK” is a classic Sisters song, bringing in vibes brought straight from the gay clubs, mixing elements of “Vogue” with more mainstream pop sounds – basically a more sang “Let’s Have A Kiki.”

What do you get when you twerk and you twirl and werk and swerve and swirl?/ SWERLK! / I’ll tell you what you get when you twerk and you twirl and werk and swerve and swirl/ SWERLK!

The band really have to come off their indefinite hiatus for a whole new album, because this song is giving this little gay boy LIFE!!

Celebrating the eccentricities of gay culture is something that the Sisters have always been good at, they celebrate them to the extreme without sounding like they’re using them as a gimmick or making fun of them – they really are a platform in themselves for LGBT+ people everywhere!

It’s easy to forget about MNDR unfortunately because of the energy that the Sisters bring – without it being their first new track in five years – but her dance production vibes work into the track, and we must respect her for being part of a song that is paying homage to the disastrous events from last year!

Check out “SWIRLK” below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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