Taylor Swift’s Shady Move Could Be Detrimental To Her Career

Oh, Taylor Swift, it’s hasn’t been your day, your month or even your year has it?!

In case you haven’t heard, Katy Perry and Swift aren’t fans of each other, releasing diss track’s and being all round shady, but I think Swift may have just taken it too far.

The whole reason they don’t get on is because Perry claimed back HER dancers for her a new album cycle while they were working with Swift and she wasn’t happy that she did so – pathetic, I know.

Since then Swift has dropped “Bad Blood,” a supposed diss track towards Perry, and last month, Perry dropped a Nicki Minaj feature in the form of “Swish Swish,” a supposed diss track towards Swift – harmless pop fun for us adoring, drama loving public.

Perry even raised the issue on James Corden‘s Carpool…

Well, after Ruby Rose commented on the issue for some unknown reason, Swift has pulled of the bitchiest of moves.

That’s right, three years after pulling her music from streaming platforms, she’s gone and put it all back – ‘coincidently’ on the same day as Perry’s Witness was released.

Swift’s camp has been in ongoing talks to put her music back on Spotify since she pulled it three years ago – prompted by Spotify’s refusal to let her keep her tunes off of its free tier. After the Recording Industry Association of America notified Swift’s camp her song catalog was approaching 100 million certified units earlier this week, she decided to quickly pull the trigger.  – Quote from Billboard.

Yes, because this is totally believable and just complete chance that Witness was dropping the same day – if you’re going to be snakey, at least own up to it.

When you put this on top of the Kanye/Kardashian drama of last year, Swift’s public image is really taking a downfall.

Always portraying herself as a good girl, the goofy girl and more recently the squad girl – this really does show her true colours.

You better bring it with your next album Swift, because people’s opinions on you are becoming more and more toxic!

Check out the diss track that started it all, “Bad Blood,” below and let us know what you think of the drama in the comments!

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