Chris Brown – “Welcome To My Life” | Review

Chris Brown‘s single for his tell-all documentary, “Welcome To My Life,” isn’t really a Brown single, it belongs to the feature, Cal Scruby.

Do you remember when Brown was the name on everyone’s lips before the Rihanna incident? He was going places, surprisingly, and wrongly, he seemed to get his career back on track with hits like “Beautiful People” and “Ayo” taking over the world – well, that time has stopped.

With his eighth studio album one month away from hitting our shelves, Brown is really trying to get the sales, this time, rather than causing a scene and acting like a child, he’s bringing up the whole Rihanna situation – yeah, he’s going there!

To be honest, listening to “Welcome To My Life,” he needs something to push it.

Before reviewing this, I wasn’t even aware that he had a new album coming out, that’s how much his star has fallen!

The track starts out as a piano ballad, it gets you thinking he’s about to return to his “No Air” days and drop this bad-boy facade – sorry to ruin it for you, but he doesn’t!

When the chorus hits, this beat that I’m guessing is supposed to be a meaningful epic drop that should make you think – it doesn’t, it’s just noise.

The saving grace of this track is Scruby, his flow is on point and his personal lyrics hit hard – it’s just an all round good showing from the rapper.

While he makes this track great, he also takes over, isn’t this meant to be a Brown single? It’s called “Welcome To My Life,” not “Welcome To My Features Life,” and it’s for his own fucking documentary!

If talking about Rihanna is going to get you through this album cycle, carry on, but know you’re not only hurting Rihanna by opening up old wounds, you’re reminding the public of something that some of them are desperately trying to forgive you for.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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