North Sis – “I’m Asking You” | Review

Scandinavian trio, North Sis sound like they’re onto a winner with their second single, “I’m Asking You.”

Following their more electro\club-ready debut, “Here Lies Nothing,” the band have come back with a summer-tinged, synth-pop lite-banger that’s ready to take centre-stage on your summer playlist.

“I’m Asking You” starts out similar to Shawn Mendes’s latest single, “Nothings Holding Me Back,” but within seconds those comparisons are washed away when a soft vocal graces the guitar led production.

The song rouses quickly into a mid-tempo bop before the classic bassline that has led summer tracks for decades introduces itself and turns the track into a cute bop, into a summer banger.

Once you’ve found out that the trio comes from Sweden, it’s no surprise that they’ve created two amazing tracks in a row, the Swedish are like royalty to pop music – they rarely do any wrong!

We’re extremely excited to hear more from the trio!!

Check out their latest single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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