Song Of The Week: Alice Kristiansen – “Lost In Translation | Review

Alice Kristiansen has smashed the competition this week with the release of her hypnotic new single, “Lost In Translation.”

Kristiansen has a strong following of over 80 thousand followers on Spotify, and her cover of Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” has gained over one million streams – so she’s not exactly brand new to the music industry, but her new single may just be the one to push her into the mainstream.

“Lost In Translation” is a hypnotic, epic, synth-pop banger that takes you to a whole other world.

The piano led intro nicely leads you into the rousing pre-chorus where echoes and a sudden drop in all production introduce you to the amazingness of the chorus.

The song isn’t groundbreaking in terms of doing anything new, but Kristiansen has done what others have done before her, but just that little bit better – thanks to her magical voice.

Her voice is perfectly pitched for the electro-synth-pop banger, where it’s slightly deeper beats push her vocals further into the spotlight.

With everyone now turning to either big huge beats (Katy Perry), extremely understated production (Lorde) or urban-tinged vibes (Liam Payne), it’s lovely to hear a song that sticks slightly left of whats expected to fit in – much like the wonderfully talented VÉRITÉ!

Check out “Lost In Translation” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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