Ghosted – “Get Some” ft. Kamille | Review

Ghosted and Kamille have made us all hot and bothered with their hypersexual new single, “Get Some.”

Two U.K artists on the edge of crossing over into the mainstream have teamed together here to show just how good they both can be.

Kamille is set to release her debut album later this year while the trio of boys that make up Ghosted (Peter “Merf” Kelleher, Benjamin Kohn and Thomas “Froe” Barnes) have helped produce songs for upcoming albums by Rihanna, Ellie Goulding and Louis Tomlinson.

This isn’t the first time the pairing have teamed up, they’ve previously worked together on songs for the likes of Little Mix and Ella Henderson.

“Get Some” is mid-tempo, minimalist, electro track that relies on echoes, voice modulation and a short, yet effective, dance-house breakdown.

The main draw of this song though is its cheeky lyrics.

On first listen, you may not hear how filthy they are because they way the song starts, you’re paying more attention to the sounds and vocals than the lyrics.

In subsequent listens you begin to hear things that might make your parents blush…

“When you call when I’m horny, I’ve been waiting on your body”

“we can go back to your place, I swear ill be gone in the morning.”

“You just need to fuck me right, guess I’m not the loving kind.”

“Let’s do it on the kitchen floor.”

However, even once you know what it says, it still doesn’t sound as vulgar as say, CupcakKe’s, “Vagina.”

Check out “Get Some” below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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