James Gillespie – “Don’t Let Me Get Me” (Cover) | Review

Covering P!nk is a tough ask, but has James Gillespie successfully managed to turn the rocky “Don’t Let Me Get Me” into a heartfelt acoustic track?

Well, yes, yes he has!

The folky-acoustic pop act has taken a ballsy, yet extremely emotive early naughties pop-rock jam and made it his own.

P!nk is a hard artist to cover, with her instantly recognisable voice and her signature sound, so to take a lesser know song and make it sound like your own is a huge accomplishment.

The slowed down track allows you to pay attention to the storytelling in the lyrics that may have been missed on the original.

Gillespie’s slightly raspy vocals fit perfectly with the tone and the meaning of the song, which only helps the listener connect and emote more with the track.

Do you think P!nk would approve? I certainly do!

Check out the track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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