Skott – “Mermaid” | Review

Skott might have just made one of the best Lana Del Rey songs that never was with her new single, “Mermaid.”

Skott has been on a roll, releasing amazing single after amazing single, showing off her versatility as well as keeping a core sound that you can tie back to her.

“Porcelain” was a left of centre pop song that introduced us to the star, while “Lack Of Emotion” was a dreamy pop banger and “Glitter and Gloss” was a ballsy, alt-pop bop that’s simply irresistible!

“Mermaid” starts off as a moody, piano and guitar led track that has become synonymous with Del Rey, unfortunately for Lana, this song is more appealing than most of her back catalogue – no shade, just preference.

The moody vibes take us right to the pre-chorus where Skott’s vocals change to a more pitchy tone which breaks the monotonous sound of the song – then, to save the song from running into a tedious sound comes a dreamily hypnotic chorus that draws you in and keeps you there.

The song is truly beautiful, and once again, it adds another string on Skott’s already impressive bow!

If she keeps delivering hits like this, Skott will soon be a major threat in the music industry.

Check out “Mermaid” below and let us know what you think in the comments!



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