PRETTYMUCH – “Would You Mind” | Review

How often does a boy band nowadays release a genuinely cool pop song? Not often, right? Well, PRETTYMUCH have managed to, with their debut single, “Would You Mind.”

It will come as no surprise that this band has come as a result of Mr Simon Cowell, since 1D has left the scene, there has been a gap in the market for the next huge boy band – Cowell will be hoping that it’s these guys.

They might actually stand a chance to – they can all sing, they all dance, and by the sound of “Would You Mind,” they’re set to get teenage girls jamming to their songs around the U.K (and possibly the world, if it blows up.)

The track is a bop, there is no denying this, mixing classic pop melodies, with electro beats and finally a sprinkling of urban dusted on top.

The harmonies on this song are glorious, blending all their voices as well as acting as cushions for whoever’s taking lead.

The only problem with the song is it’s slightly creepy lyrics – guys, if she’s not interested, don’t try and “work” her – that’s when the police are likely to get involved!

Check out the guy’s debut single below and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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