Shania Twain – “Poor Me” | Review

Shania Twain is back with the second single from her first album in 12 years, “Poor Me.”

Whether you love or loathe here, there’s no denying that Twain is a living legend – 85 million records worldwide and becoming the best-selling female country artist ever is quite the achievement.

Well, after a little break, the megastar is back with new music following lead single “Life’s About To Get Good.”

“Poor Me” stays true to Twain’s country roots, yet it introduces a lot of synth-pop influences, which helps keep the song sounding modern and making it stand out amongst other simple country songs.

The track also draws some rock influences, like most country tracks, but here, it more subdued rock that only rears its head at certain times – in fact, at times Twain reminds me of The Pretty Reckless’s, Taylor Momsen!

Will the song join Twain’s other mega-selling singles like “Man! I Feel Like A Woman,” or “Don’t Impress Me Much?”

Well, no, probably not. Just like Madonna, their meg-selling days are largely over, but it doesn’t stop her giving us quality music!

Check out the single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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