Arlissa – “New Love” | Review

If you've never listened to Arlissa before, "New Love" marks the time that you should definitely start!

Arlissa has released quite a few songs so far this year, all piano led ballad, including the beautiful "Getting Older" and "I Can't Keep Up With You."

"New Love" is truly heartbreaking – I genuinely sat there with my head on the table with my stone heart slowly breaking.

"I can't give you new love, 'cause my heart is gone for good, i wish I could have been enough."

The song discusses being in a relationship and not being able to give enough love to your S/O – beware, listening to this track will break you!

Arlissa's voice here is – no exaggeration - fucking amazing! It's soft when it needs to be, strong and powerful at other times, and for the verses, the fast-paced delivery offers a contrast to the slower production of the song.

Basically, I'm in love (and have been for a while), now it's your turn!

Find out more about Arlissa by clicking here (you can even get booking info, how about that).

Check out "New Love" below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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