Enrique Iglesias – “Súbeme La Radio” ft. Saun Paul & Matt Terry | Review

Oh look, it’s “Despacito,” this time it’s called “Súbeme La Radio” and it’s by Enrique Iglesias, with a little help from Saun Paul and X Factor U.K winner, Matt Terry.

After the success of “Despacito,” it was inevitable that there would be copycats, and well, Iglesias is here to give us another jam we can’t understand.

Before I start moaning about the song, I will compliment the track on helping to bring Spanish music to an audience that it doesn’t usually connect with, music should be worldwide, not country specific.

However, there was no need to ‘remix’ this song, it was originally released in February as a Spanish song, but following the worldwide smash that is “Despacito,” record bosses have decided to bang some well know names on there – well, Terry will be known in the U.K following X Factor.

And there’s another point, this is the first piece of music we’ve heard from Terry since winning, is it a smart idea to be a small part of a much bigger artists song, as a first taster? I don’t think so.

Paul does what he always does on a feature, and it’s still effective all these years on.

Basically, this is a cute bop, but following the Justin Bieber assisted smash hit, it seems a bit of a desperate copycat.

Check out the single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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