Sid Batham – “Like I Do” | Review

Sid Batham delivers an effortlessly cool, 80s inspired jam in the form of his new single, “Like I Do.”

Batham isn’t messing around after his three-year hiatus, following a string of shimmering hit like “Feels,” “Say The Word” and “Called For,” he is definitely on the right track to break into the mainstream.

The production for “Like I Do” sounds like it could have plucked right from a Prince album back in the 80s, yet it still has the modern hard hitting synth elements to keep it sounding modern.

The single may have nods to different artists and past times, it’s unique for this day and age – I dare you to try and find a song that sounds like this that’s been released in the last year!

Bathams voice is layered smartly within this song, standing enough out from the production that you can enjoy the different tones of the vocal, but not enough to overshadow the summer-vibed production.

If this is a taste of what his yet unannounced album will sound like, we’re all in for a major treat!

Check out the single below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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