Vera Blue – “Perennial” | Album Review

She may have finished third on The Voice Australia, but Vera Blue is here to prove she should have won with her debut album, Perennial.

You may be thinking “I don’t recognise that name from The Voice,” well, you’d be right in thinking that. Vera Blue, better known as Celia Pavey, won the hearts of Australia with her folky covers and debut EP – well, not she’s looking to change.

After last years safe play EP, Fingertips, Blue is here to fully immerse herself in the world of folk infused house/electronic/darkwave pop – and we’ve got to say, it’s fucking amazing!

“Perennial” is a term used for plants that come round every year, and for this breakup album, Blue is taking that term and applying it to how a person (presumingly from a personal experience) copes when coming out of a relationship and how you can go round in circles.

At times, you can definitely feel the pain that Blue went through with this (or these) breakups, “We Used To,” in black and white says the hardest thing about any breakup, “now I’m gonna have to get used to not doing the things I used to” – along with her gloriously emotive vocal, you really connect with her as a person.

Talking of straight-up breakup songs, album highlight, “Said Goodbye To Your Mother” not only shows how great Blue is as a songwriter but how good her voice actually is. “This I know for sure, we’re not in love anymore, don’t know if we were at all….whoever said it was better to love and to lose, has obviously never loved anyone,” these sets of lyrics really touch home with anyone that has ever gone through a breakup.

But don’t get thinking this album is a sad ballad fest, in fact, it’s the exact opposite, Blue blends the emotional ballads around some amazing electronic songs, that still stay true to her folky beginnings.

Tracks like “Private,” “Magazine” and “Fools” flawlessly merge her beautiful songwriting, magical voice and house-style production, it’s hard to imagine a time when Blue didn’t create tracks like these – she does it so well.

Another album highlight, “Regular Touch,” is an absolute banger. The calmer verses and the rousing pre-chorus offer the perfect platform for the dance-electronic style breakdown – once again, never not paying attention to her brilliant songwriting talent.

That’s not to say the album is perfect because no album is never perfect.

While “Mended” works as an album closer, it is and feels incredibly long, with a 40-second intro, it seems pointless. And once you get past that you have to wait until the two-minute mark to get anything to make note of – after that it’s a party, it just takes too long to get to that party.

The album could have also been shredded a little, “Overachiever” isn’t a terrible song, but when compared to the rest of the album it appears to simply be a filler.

Breakup albums often rest on either being borderline depressive or try to be hard to have a ‘fuck you’ message, Perennial doesn’t, it has it’s sad, reflective moments, but for the most part, it dances its way through what can be an emotional subject.

Check the album out below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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