Charli XCX – “Boys” | Review

Charli XCX can’t stop thinking about all the boys in the world on her surprise new single, “Boys.”

It’s quite the year for XCX, following the success of mixtape, Number 1 Angel – which is still practically an album, but whatever – she is back with some more of her pop magic.

How does she still do it? Everytime XCX releases a track, it all just seems so effortless, like pop music runs through her veins!

“I was busy thinking ’bout boys” she croons over the sound of classic video games (Mario), which straight away gives the song somewhat of a retro feel.

The vibe of the song is reminiscent of the film that XCX has been linked to before, Clueless, the days of lying on the bed with your friends and simply talking about boys.

It’s okay XCX, we all think about boys a lot!

Not only does XCX dream about them, she gets them!

The official video for the track features some of the worlds most know – and hottest – boys, the like of Cameron Dallas, Joe Jonas, Mark Ronson, Ty Dolla $ign, Charlie Puth, Oliver Sykes, The Vamps’s Tristan Evans and James McVey,, G-Eazy, Vance Joy, Stormzy, MNEK, Tinie Tempah, Caspar Lee, and Olympic diver Tom Daley appear in the visuals – and that’s not all of them!

We all better be prepared for XCX’s next album, because if this is a taster, we’re all in for a pop marvel!

Check out the new man filled video below and let us know what you think in the comments!



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