Kesha – “Learn To Let Go” | Review

Kesha is letting go of all her anger and resentment in her freeing new track, “Learn To Let Go.”

Thank god Kesha can release the music she wants to now – three songs in and they’re already the three best songs of her entire career, showing a new side to the singer, yet keeping the original Kesha spark.

“Learn To Let Go” is half ballad and half mid-tempo epic dance jam where Kesha’s vocals are free to roar in a way we haven’t heard before.

The song is, as Kesha states on Facebook, an ode to releasing all the demons, all the anger  (presumedly towards Dr. Luke) that’s inside you, as it will only end up bringing you down and holding you back in life.

You can hear the release that she feels in her voice throughout the track, it’s almost like you can hear her singing with a smile – helped by possibly the cutest video I have ever watched!

Kesha is back people, and she’s here to make her mark!

Check out Kesha’s new track below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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