State Of Sound | Interview

State Of Sound have a new video out for their latest single, “Love Me Like That,” we were lucky enough to have a quick chat with the Swedish duo!

Hi, State Of Sound!! How are you today?

Very well, thank you! Stockholm is gorgeous this time of year.

Your latest single, “Love Me Like That,” has been available since March, how does it feel to finally have a video out for it?

It feels great. When you’re working on a song you always have images of the song playing in your head, so it’s a feeling of great accomplishment when you see it finally coming to life.

The summer themed video perfectly matches the vibes of the track, what was it like to film? ‘Cause I can imagine worse things than sitting at the pool side with a blow-up flamingo!

It was pretty cold, actually. We shot the video in Los Angeles and the weather there had been amazing for a couple of months and we were dying for some summer after never-ending months of Swedish winter. But when we came all of a sudden it was freezing. Kind of ironic. Felt like home though. And it made us dance a lot to keep up the heat. 

It took you a while to finish writing and producing the single, after changing certain elements, what made you feel like this was the finished product? 

It’s just a gut feeling. When me & Joakim both feel that a song is finished we let it go. And we never give up on a song. We knew all along that ”Love Me Like That” would some day be as good as we thought it could be as long as we kept on working on it. It’s like giving up on your child, you just don’t do that.

“Love Me Like That” further pushes your sound of tropical-house-pop, summer ready beats, who influences your sound? Because I’m guessing that being from Sweden, it’s not the weather!

It’s escapism. Knowing that music can take you to a better place. And in our case a warmer place. Our studio is in a dark basement in Stockholm without windows and for 6 months of the year, we don’t see the sun. So we have to create it through our music. And it works! Except for the Vitamin-D, we need pills for that.   

Talking of Sweden, you come from the place that has given birth to some of the worlds greatest pop acts, from the likes of ABBA to Robyn, how does it feel to be carrying on the legacy of making awesome pop music? 

It’s in our blood. We grew up with pop music all around us. It was our nursery rhymes.  So it comes very natural to us. It’s a huge inspiration to be a part of the Swedish Popmusic tradition. 

On the streaming front, you guys are killing it! Nearly 70 million streams of “Wake Up Where You Are,” over 15 million on “Higher Love” and already over 6 million for “Love Me Like That!” In a time when new acts are struggling to break through the already crowded music industry, you guys seem to be smashing through!

We’re very thankful for this and it really gives us the energy to keep going. At the end of the day, this is why you make music. So people can listen to it, enjoy it, dance to it and hopefully be inspired. 

What’s next for State Of Sound? More summer bops to get us through the misery of winter? A tour? An album? 

We are gonna start playing live this fall,  we are working on our live set right now.  And then we’re just gonna keep on releasing more music. We have so many songs we wanna share with the world and we’re always writing new ones. We might have to do a double-album.

Thanks for chatting with us!

Check out “Love Me Like That” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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