Song Of The Week: Purity Ring – “Asido” | Review

Purity Ring are back in celebration of their five-year anniversary of their debut album, Shrines, with the dastardly dark, “Asido.”

Can you believe it’s been five years single Shrines?! No, well that’s how fast our lives are going, it’s ridiculous.

Well, it has been five very quick years since we were introduced to the amazingness that are Purity Ring, they’re synth laden, dream-wave beats have had us hypnotised since day one.

Now they’re back and in the slightly darker tones than Another Eternity, with the haunting, standalone track, “Asido.”

The single opens with a piano lead which is almost horror movie like before an eerily thumping beat comes crashing in and sets the tone for the rest of the song.

Their first two albums contained harsh beats, much like “Asido,” but the rest of the production had a much lighter atmosphere, whereas here, it could almost be the soundtrack to your worst nightmare – in the best way possible.

The vocals of Megan James are glorious as her higher tones offer a complete contrast to the warped production that winds beneath her.

The band have stated that this is a standalone single and that it won’t appear on their next record – let’s just hope their next record is coming sooner rather than later!

Check out “Asido” below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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